Lipedema stages

Lipödem Stadien

Once the diagnosis of lipedema has been confirmed, the doctor must first determine the stage and severity of the lipedema. For this, the doctor will make the following classification:

Lipedema is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Stage: formation of orange peel (small dents)
  2. Stage: Development of larger dents (mattress skin)
  3. Stage: large, harder skin flaps and skin bulges that even cover the hand and back of the foot

Depending on the severity, there are also 5 types of lipedema

  1. Type: limited to the buttocks and hip region
  2. Type: up to the knees and fat flaps on the inside of the knee
  3. Type: to the ankles
  4. Type: only hands and feet are not affected
  5. Type: water retention (edema) even in the hand and back of the foot, fingers and toes
  6. (Lipolymphedema), damage to the larger lymph vessels
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