Lipedema? treatment

Lipödem OP Behandlung

Lipedema is a pathological change in adipose tissue which, as it progresses, can lead to a considerable reduction in the quality of life. Usually only women are affected by lipedema.

The starting point of the disease is usually an initial hormonal change, such as the onset of puberty, pregnancy or - rarely - menopause: during these hormonal upheaval phases in women, there is a surge of fatty tissue in typical areas of the disease: thighs, lower legs, inside of the knees , Hips, buttocks and also arms.

The affected fat cells appear to be pumped up due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid associated with the disease. In advanced lipedema, e.g. in stage 3, grotesque body shapes with overhanging skin-fat flaps can arise, which are then also associated with considerable pain in addition to the restricted movement.

Which therapy helps with lipedema?

The best therapy for lipedema is to eliminate or reduce the cause of the discomfort, and that is the diseased fat cells. With water jet-associated liposuction, a large number of pathologically altered fat cells can be gently removed from the tissue, thereby significantly improving the lymphatic drainage and thus the drainage of the tissue.

This therapy must always be carried out in combination and / or following an indispensable conservative therapy using flat-knit compression and manual lymph drainage. In addition to surgical and other conservative measures, we urgently recommend observing a healthy diet and supporting the result of the operation with sporting measures such as, ideally, water sports, walking, cross-country skiing or walking.

What is WAL (water jet associated liposuction) and how does such an operation work?

On the day of the operation, the surgeon first marks the operation area with a pen. A saline solution is then injected into the fatty tissue through several tiny punctures. The solution also contains adrenaline and a local anesthetic. The solution stops the bleeding that occurs during suction, relieves the patient's pain and allows the fat cells stored there to swell so that they can be removed more easily. With the help of a narrow cannula, up to 9 liters of fat cells, lymph and blood are sucked out of the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

The technique of the water jet gently treats the lymphatic system. These are of particular importance for regeneration and the decongestion process. Thanks to the power of the water jet, we get a maximum amount of extracted fat with very attractive aesthetic results at the same time.

The operation takes about 120 minutes each. An anesthetist is always present during the operation and can offer either twilight sleep or general anesthesia if necessary. As a rule, an overnight stay in the clinic is planned. There is an upper limit to the volume to be aspirated. This is determined in a personal consultation.

What is LASER tightening?

Since January 2022 we have been offering our patients an optional LASER tightening treatment (in addition to water jet-associated liposuction). With this method, the fat cells are specifically destroyed with controlled and precise laser energy and liquefied by the heat (fat melt). The liquefied fat - depending on the size of the area to be treated - is broken down by the metabolism or sucked off manually.

The thermal effect of the laser also stimulates the formation of the skin's own collagen. In this way, LASER tightening treatment not only reduces fat, but also tightens the subcutaneous connective tissue.

More info about LASER tightening

Will life be changed for the better after lipedema surgery?

Lipedema surgery can change your life positively by improving lymphatic drainage. This reduces the volume of the extremities and makes the leg or arm slim again. This leads to the fact that the mobility increases again, sport is again possible without restrictions. In addition, pain can be reduced or even eliminated entirely. Items of clothing such as pants, blouses or tight boots can be worn again and secondary diseases such as joint problems are avoided.

Quality is the result of many years of research and development

The team of doctors at Parkklinik Birkenwerder has been using the gentle liposuction method for more than 20 years. We distinguish among the first users of the WAL method across Germany and Europe. Numerous scientific studies in cooperation with our clinic and the company Human Med. These scientific studies are accompanied by the University of Rostock. We are very proud that the real development steps to improve liposuction technology have come about in our company and have given them through us.

But the best technology is worthless if the craftsmanship is lost. Thanks to our decades of expertise in the field of fat transplantation, which depends on particularly fine liposuction techniques, we are not only one of the pioneers in this field, but also today among internationally sought-after experts.

You are not alone

Patients affected by lipedema often encounter incomprehension and ignorance. The complaints are not taken seriously and are often downplayed by others. The result of this environmental reaction to you is a feeling of loneliness and frustration. It doesn't have to be.

Your new life starts now!

Lipödem OP Behandlung

Surgery information

Surgery duration: about 180 minutes
Anesthesia: Twilight Sleep or General anesthetic
Stay: 1 Night stationary
After treatment: Patches remain in place for 1 week, compression garments should be worn for four weeks, bruises and swellings subside after a few days, re-visit if necessary.
Costs: from 4900 €
Costs for 1st treatment. Each additional treatment from 4200 €.
plus 1500 € (optional)
If an additional LASER tightening treatment is desired. More information

All prices without VAT, plus anesthesia
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